Juvenile Crime Reduction Fund

The JCRF was established pursuant to A.R.S. §41-2401 D(5) and allocated to the Supreme Court for the purpose of reducing juvenile crime. Funding is provided annually to qualified organizations through a competitive grant application process. Qualified organizations are local courts/probation departments, schools, local units of government, tribal agencies, state agencies, and the Administrative Office of the Courts. These qualified organizations may subcontract with other entities or individuals to achieve the objectives of the funded project.

The JCRF aligns with Court's Strategic Plan and is often used as seed monies for statewide initiatives, strategic projects and the development and initial implementation of community-based programs targeted at preventing a juvenile from becoming involved in illegal activity. Funding is also used to fund an array of intervention services and sanctions to deter a juvenile from becoming further involved in the juvenile justice system.

The mission of the JCRF is to encourage the design, development and successful implementation of community-based and statewide strategies for reducing juvenile crime in Arizona. Grantees are monitored through a process that includes a detailed Funding Agreement, required reports and annual on site monitoring visits.