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The Operations and Budget Unit oversees the staffing needs for juvenile probation and juvenile intensive probation around the state and is tasked with allocating resources for effective community supervision. Additionally, the unit conducts operational reviews for both detention centers and juvenile probation departments around the state, the scope of which include diversion, standard probation and intensive probation. The operational review process ensures compliance with relevant administrative orders, codes, standards, court rules and statutes that relate to detention, juvenile probation and community supervision in the state. The Operations and Budget unit has been folding into their processes the constant evaluation of code, rule and statute to ensure they align with Evidenced Based Practices for juvenile community supervision.  
Please contact the following staff for further information:    
Operations & Budget Manager: Chris Varner (602) 452-3521  
Juvenile Detention Operations and Operational Reviews: Lucinda Amarillas
Rebecca Lauchner
(602) 452-3169
(602) 452-3529
Juvenile Probation and Detention Operational Review Compliance: Maria Dennis (602) 452-3572  
Juvenile Probation Operations and Operational Reviews:

Yvonne Plascencia
Erika Busani

(602) 452-3446
(602) 452-3635