Service Specifications


All AOC-contracted Services are listed below by category. You can learn more about each service and who provides it by clicking as follows:

  • To see the actual Service Specification (description of what the service is), click on the title of that service.
  • To see a list of AOC-Contractors who provide that service, click the service code # to the left of the title.
  • To see an explanation of unique service combinations such as Family Preservation/Reunification, please click the Service Bundles explanation.
  • To see an explanation of the Polygraph Protocol, please click the Polygraph Protocol.


FORM F1 - Delinquency Prevention/Intervention Services
190 Behavior Specific Education  
Respite Alternative Center  
195 Mentoring  
Cognitive Skills Development/Cognitive Restructuring  
197 Comprehensive Youth Program      
198 Life Skills Development      
199 Interpersonal Skills Building      
FORM F2 - Evaluation, Polygraph and Laboratory Services
Psychological/Psychoeducational Evaluation  
122 Psychosexual Evaluation    
123 Comprehensive Mental Health Assessment     
124 Neuropsychological Evaluation  
125-126 Psychiatric Evaluation/Medication Monitoring        
127  Sexually Abusive Behavior Assessment  
128 Substance Use Assessment      
174  Sexual Interest Assessment      
177  Clinical Polygraph for Post-Conviction Sex Offender Testing    
263 Juvenile Competency Restoration Mental Health Expert        
Laboratory Examination of Biological Specimens       
FORM F3 - Out of Home Care Services
102/116 Behavioral Health Inpatient Facility - Unlocked/Locked: General Mental Health Population
103  Behavioral Health Residential Treatment Facility- General Mental Health Population
DCS Licensed Group Home  
106  Shelter Care

108 Intensive Behavior Modification Group Home  
111 Family Intervention/ Reunification Residential Program      
114 Domestic Violence Residential Treatment Facility      
200/201 Sexually Abusive Behavior Inpatient Facility: Unlocked/Locked    
202 Sexually Abusive Behavior Residential Treatment Facility      
220/224 Substance Use Disorder Inpatient Facility: Unlocked/Locked

221 Substance Use Disorder Residential Treatment Facility

FORM F4 - Standard Services
131 Therapeutic Day General Mental Health and/or Co-Occurring Disorders  
General Mental Health Counseling    
142  Adjunctive Therapy  
160/159    Family Support / Community Transition Services  
165 Family Skills Training  
168 Day/Evening Reporting Center  
Therapeutic Day Program for Sexually Abusive Behavior: Half Day (3 Hours)
Sexually Abusive Behavior Counseling    
225-234 Substance Use Disorder Counseling  

237-241 Intensive Outpatient Program for Substance Use Disorder (IOP-SUD)        
260 Juvenile Competency Restoration Specialist  
280-282 Functional Family Therapy      PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR SPECIAL TERMS        
295/299 Multisystemic Therapy             PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR SPECIAL TERMS  
297-298 Multisystemic Therapy for Problem Sexual Behaviors (MST/PSB)  PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR SPECIAL TERMS  
306 Specialty Track - Trauma Specialization