Electronic Invoice


Administrative Office of the Courts
Juvenile Justice Services Division

To:          JJSD Contracted Vendors for Contract Year 2019-21

From: Holli Ann Sanger-Alarco, LPC, JJSD Program Manager
                Amy Winney, Administrative Assistant & Vendor Contract for Invoices

Date: February 20, 2020

Re:          Use of Electronic AOC Invoices

Good news for all AOC Contracted Service Providers!

The AOC is now implementing the use of AOC Electronic Invoices instead of the hard copies previously provided to you. We have designed a fillable PDF AOC Invoice, which can be downloaded from our website at the bottom of this page: https://www.azcourts.gov/jjsd/Contracts-Monitoring/Contracts or by clicking here.

The AOC invoice form is fillable, re-usable and contains the same fields as the hard-copy invoices, with the additional advantage of automatically calculating the total cost of services. In the upper right-hand corner, there is a required field for AOC-assigned number which will appear in red. Complete the entire form as usual, print and sign; then send to the referring Probation Department. After each use, you can clear the PDF Invoice form and save for the next use. Instead of requesting actual invoices, you will now be requesting a set of AOC Invoice Numbers. Otherwise the billing process remains the same.

PLEASE NOTE that these AOC-assigned numbers must be used. Invoices submitted with any other numbers than those assigned to you will be stopped in AOC Finance and will significantly delay your payment. Please use up the numbers from the hard-copy invoices you have on hand and then contact Amy Winney for a new set of numbers. Each time yo run out of your assigned invoice numbers, please contact Ms. Winney at [email protected] or (602) 452-3588, and she will e-mail a new set of AOC Invoice numbers to you. This process is to begin March 1, for services rendered in February 2020.

For detailed instructions on when, where and how to complete and submit your AOC Invoices for services rendered each month, please consult the AOC Invoice & Billing Manual, which you received electronically with your AOC Contract through Docu-Sign; it is also located on our website using the same link as above.

Thank you for your service to the youth and families of Arizona!