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Juvenile Courts throughout the State of Arizona are integrating Evidence-based Practice (EBP) in probation supervision, case management and the treatment of offenders. Research indicates integration of EBP across these areas improves efficiency in managing offenders and reliably produces sustained reductions in recidivism and improved public safety. It is essential that treatment programs designed for delinquent youth must target factors of EBP such as risk, criminogenic need and responsivity. Collaborative and systemic efforts to integrate EBP throughout probation, case management and the treatment process increase the likelihood for exceptional outcomes with the juvenile justice population.


The Arizona Supreme Court, Juvenile Justice Services Division (ASC/JJSD) contracts with both Full Procurement Agencies and Independent Practitioners for the provision of statewide juvenile treatment services. There are two contracting processes that vendors may participate in for the procurement of services.

Solicitation for Treatment Services

A solicitation for treatment services is an open, competitive bid process that allows vendors to propose services for contract through an application process. Solicitations are statewide and typically occur annually depending upon the availability of funds and need for services. Current AOC contracted vendors are notified of solicitation announcements automatically and may elect to add additional services to contract at that time. Interested Vendors requesting to receive notification of upcoming solicitations must complete and submit interested vendor registration.

Open & Continuous Contracting

The annual Open & Continuous (O&C), contracting process occurs only when there is an imminent need for service(s) that is not being fulfilled by current contracted services and/or vendors. This process is largely reserved to satisfy service needs in rural areas of the state. Please reference the current Needs Assessment at the following link:   Needs Assessment 

The Vendor Service Proposal Form must be used to submit the Open and Continuous Contract Application for consideration. 

Upon review and direction by the ASC/JJSD, the O&C contracting application may be accessed at the following link:  Open & Continuous Application  .  Please submit the completed application to the ASC/JJSD within 45 days of retrieval.


Vendors awarded an AOC Contract through either contracting process shall perform the services according to the AOC Standard Terms & Conditions for Full Procurement Agencies or Independent Practitioners, Invoice Billing ManualService Specifications and any contractual special terms and conditions, if applicable. Contract terms run a five (5) year cycle with opportunity for contract renewal on two (2) consecutive 18 months basis. Contractors are required to submit annual Diversity and successful outcome reporting, where applicable, upon the close of each fiscal year.

Downloadable Contract & Monitoring Documents

Standard Terms & Conditions for Independent Practitioners
Standard Terms & Conditions for Full Procurement
AOC Invoice Billing Manual
AOC Criminal History Affidavit
W-9 Form
AOC Contractor Incident Report Form

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