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Contract Monitoring is a formal, standardized process of review of the degree of contract compliance and quality of program operations under contract with the AOC. The contract monitoring process assists the AOC to assess vendor compliance with contract requirements, ensure accountability for services funded through the Arizona Supreme Court, and ensure the health, safety and welfare of children in these programs.

The monitoring of programs promotes consistency and professional cooperation toward the common goal of providing efficient and effective evidence based services that are of the highest quality and in the best interest of rehabilitation, public protection, and community service.

Forms of Monitoring: The contract monitoring reviews are to be cooperative in nature and designed to evaluate program effectiveness, contract compliance, and to assist with necessary improvements and program enhancement.  

The Contract Compliance Specialists of the Administrative Office of the Courts:

  • Conduct reviews of contracted vendors, develop findings and prepare reports
  • Act as liaison between the Arizona Supreme Court, Juvenile Justice Services Division and contracted vendors;
  • Provide technical assistance to contracted vendors;
  • Assist in developing and/or revising AOC Standard Terms & Conditions for Full Procurement Agencies and Independent Practitioners and Service Specifications; and
  • Review and determine outcome of vendor waiver applications

Common Areas of Review:


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