Juvenile Justice Services

Welcome to Juvenile Treatment Services 

In accordance with Arizona state law (A.R.S. §8-321, §8-322, §8-261), the Arizona Supreme Court (ASC) is designated as the entity responsible for the administration and management of State General Funds appropriated by the Arizona Legislature. The Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), Juvenile Justice Services Division (JJSD) expends those funds annually to divert youth from formal court processing, to provide family counseling, and to provide treatment services to court involved juveniles. 

The Treatment Services Unit, a unit within the JJSD, has primary responsibilities in the following areas:
  • Manage four separate state appropriated funds

Juvenile Treatment Services Fund
Diversion Services Fund

Family Counseling Fund
Drug Court Fund

  • Contract for treatment services for court involved juveniles

  • Monitor treatment service providers to ensure contract compliance

  • Investigate incidents related to juveniles who are in the care of AOC contracted treatment providers

  • Compile data, publish various reports and participate in many working committees and statewide initiatives

The Treatment Unit collaborates within JJSD on the Title IV-E Program established via an Intergovernmental Service Agreement with DES and on the SPEP Project.

AOC Contract Providers, please click the Contracts, Monitoring or Incidents links to the left for details related to Contract, Monitoring and Incident Reports. 

If you need additional information, please contact the following JJSD staff:

Treatment Funding & Contract Monitoring: Steve Tyrrell  (602) 452-3451
Provider Contracting: Mary Vyverman (602) 452-3169
SPEP Program Evaluations:  
Incident Reporting: Patti Williams (602) 452-3455
Title IV-E Program: Cheryl Dorsett (602) 452-3128
To obtain invoices: Gloria Hurtado (602) 452-3448